We’re nuts about tigernuts

Tigernuts are the most recent ingredient to be added to the Erbology family and it is the core ingredient of our new range of wholesome granolas. Now here is a surprise for you… Tigernuts are not actually nuts at all! A lot of granolas include nuts as a main ingredient and therefore our granolas are perfect for those with nut allergies or those that have children with nut allergies. So, what are tigernuts, if they aren’t nuts? Tigernuts – otherwise known as chufa, nutgrass or yellow nuts -  are small tubers or root vegetables that grow in the ground. They grow and are harvested in the same way as the potato.

Unlike the potato however, tigernuts are packed full of nutrients and healthy oils. Tigernuts at some point fell off the health radar but we are keen to bring them back! They were once a much-loved ingredient of our paleo ancestors – for both their ease of growth and their high concentration of nutrients. The tigernut originates from Africa and is now widely grown across Western Africa and Spain. Right, now let’s get down to business, I know you are wondering why the tigernut is so good for you!


What’s so special about the tigernut?

Tigernuts made up a substantial part of our paleo ancestors diets, but why? Tigernuts have very high nutritional values, that bring with them amazing health benefits! They have extraordinary levels of naturally occurring vitamins, minerals, healthy fats and are also very high in dietary fibre – in just one ounce of tigernuts there is 40% of our daily recommended allowance of fibre!

So, what are the benefits of all of the vitamins and minerals that are found in tigernuts? 

1.      Fibre helps you maintain a healthy gut.

The healthy and balanced fibre provided by tigernuts is great for good gut health. Tigernuts are a source of resistant starch – a prebiotic fibre that helps to keep your digestive system in perfect condition by feeding your gut flora. It works as a digestive stimulant too! Regular consumption of the tigernut will aid your body in eliminating unhealthy toxins.


2.     Tigernuts are great for vegans and vegetarians.

The tigernut is a fantastic ingredient to add to your diet if you are a vegetarian or vegan because of the vitamins and minerals it contains. Tigernuts have high concentrations of calcium and tigernuts can also be enjoyed as a milk, a perfect substitute for cow’s milk. Tigernuts are also a fantastic source of iron, containing as much as red meats!


3.     A good source of healthy fats. 

Tigernuts are a good source of healthy fats that are essential for supporting a healthy metabolism, as well as the absorption of vitamins and nutrients. The healthy fats found in tigernuts have also been found to activate blood circulation and as a result prevent heart problems. 


How can I eat tigernuts?

Well firstly, you are probably wondering what these non-nut tigernuts taste of… They don’t have a very strong taste but the delicate taste they do have is a slightly sweet and earthy, nutty flavour. They are a great addition to salads, as a healthy snack or you can easily make your own milk. Check our Naturally Sassy article for a great tigernut milk recipe.

Even more simply you can enjoy our range of tigernut granolas for breakfast or as a mid-morning / afternoon snack if you’d rather. We have 3 different kinds of tigernut granolas, all of which are delicious in their own way and enriched with some of the finest plants:

1.      Mexican nopal cactus with chia seeds.

2.     Jerusalem artichoke and dark chocolate.

3.     Sea buckthorn and aronia berries.

Our granolas are hand-made raw, activated with sprouted buckwheat, and vegan friendly. They are perfect for topping with yoghurt or your preferred choice of milk. You can also add them to the top of your favourite smoothie bowl for an added crunch! 


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