All about sea buckthorn berries

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Although we wish they did, sea buckthorn berries do not grow under the sea (insert sad face). It does however thrive in salty conditions; In western Europe sea buckthorn is largely confined to the coasts where salty sea spray prevents other plants from outcompeting it! There are seven different recognised species of sea buckthorn that are native to expansive areas of both Europe and Asia. In central Asia sea buckthorn is more frequently found in dry semi-desert sites, where other plants are unable to survive the harsh dry conditions. More than 90% of the worlds natural sea buckthorn is found in China, Mongolia, Russia, northern Europe and Canada! 

Sea buckthorn can also be referred to as sand thorn, sallowthorn or sea berry! Only the female plants produce the nutritious yellowish-orange coloured berries that we use here at Erbology. Whereas the male plants produce flowers for wind-distributed pollen. The orange sea buckthorn berries are soft, juicy and rich in healthy oils.  

Sea buckthorn has been used historically by many Asian countries and cultures as a medicinal ingredient. Similarly, according to Greek legend (bear with me!) war torn horses were set free to die a natural death, but the horses returned from sea buckthorn forests full of life, healthy and strength, with radiant and shiny fur! Sea buckthorn must therefore have remarkable health qualities, am I right or am I right?  

Raw sea buckthorn berries are bitter and sour in flavour and oily in texture, but they have exceptionally high nutrient value! Luckily, we make our sea buckthorn foods deliciously tasty in our recipes so that you can benefit from all of the healthy values that are available in sea buckthorn berries.  


I hear you, desperately asking what health benefits you can expect from eating sea buckthorn berries… so here goes!  

1. Boost your immunity! 

Sea buckthorn berries have healthy concentrations of vitamin C, helping you have a strong and effective immune system. Vitamin C is also essential for the formation of collagen, a protein that is vital for growth and repair in the body, therefore sea buckthorn can help you to recover from injuries. Our organic sea buckthorn juice and shots contain 94.6mg/95mg of vitamin C  per 100ml (118% RDA).  

2. Regenerate your skin!  

The antioxidants and omega- 7 and beta carotene found in sea buckthorn berries will do wonders for your skin, helping you to maintain younger-looking and glowing skin. The antioxidants found in the berries eradicate and neutralise the nasty free radicals found in our bodies, helping to smooth out any wrinkles or age spots! Our sea buckthorn berry oil contains 35g of omega-7 per 100ml, whilst our powder contains 17mg of beta carotene per 100g! 

3. Healthy heart and brain .  

Sea buckthorn oil is supercharged with unsaturated fatty acids that have the ability to improve blood lipid profiles and lower cholesterol. Eating sea buckthorn oil can help to reduce the harmful effects of the bad cholesterol present in your body, as well as preventing the formation of blood clots by acting on platelet aggregation. Sea buckthorn berries are also high in B vitamins and healthy fats – these are both fantastic for the maintenance of good brain health and functioning.


Well, perhaps the Greeks weren’t wrong after all and we should all be eating sea buckthorn to give our bodies a bit of added life and shine! Who doesn’t want beautiful skin, a healthy heart and brain AND a super immune system? I know I certainly do! Of course, we can’t make any promises (and we certainly can’t bring anyone back to life) but here at Erbology we absolutely love sea buckthorn and the benefits truly are astonishing!   


How can I introduce sea buckthorn berries into my diet? 

We understand that it’s difficult to add a new, sometimes unheard of, ingredient into your diet, but we are trying to make it easy for you to pack an extra nutritious punch into your food. If you are new to sea buckthorn and want to give it a go, trying our organic sea buckthorn powder or granola is a great place to start. They can both be easily enjoyed for breakfast, add our powder to yoghurt, porridge or smoothies and enjoy our granola on top of yoghurt or with your chosen milk (we like it with home-made almond milk). 

Speaking of our brand spanking new SEA BUCKTHORN & ARONIA BERRIES GRANOLA, it’s made using tigernut which is absolutely delicious and offers tonnes of health benefits and it is even suitable for people with nut allergies! Our granola is vegan, gluten-free and refined-sugar free! Why not be one of the first to try it, trust me you will not regret it!  

Our shots and juices are sharp, so are for the more adventurous among us. You can drink them straight or they can easily be mixed into morning smoothies or even if salad dressings!  Our pure organic sea buck shots are fantastic for boosting your immunity – perfect for these autumn months, whilst our organic aronia and sea buck shots are a purifying powerhouse for your skin!  

Our oils can also be used in a number of ways, add it to smoothies, porridge, salads and soups. You can even use our oils directly on your skin for nourishment and protection, plus it smells absolute fantastic!